søndag den 10. november 2013

Vacation talk!

What's been up guys?

Over the course of the dinner, my dad had a surprise for us. From December 25th through December 31st he want to take us somewhere, as it's my mom's birthday New Year's Eve! We don't really know where to go yet. To be honest we don't even know what kind of vacation it's gonna be. But we'll get to that point soon, hopefully..

So this week our project week's gonna start, and the expectations from the teachers have rocketed since last year, but still I'm feeling pretty comfortable about it, so I don't have any worries about it luckily. I actually look forward to it - gonna be good :-D We've already got some deals off with a couple of pro sports players for some interviews regarding our project, and as I see it now, it'll turn out pretty good - so I'm sitting with my fingers crossed!

Goodnight guys! I'll get back to y'all tomorrow!
Have a good one.

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