lørdag den 9. november 2013


Sup guys!

Recently I've been working a bit on the blog layout - and I'm getting pretty happy with the looks. Definitely looks a lot better than it did before, if you ask me - but what do y'all think about it? Really hoping that it'll be a help in getting the blog bigger and better!

Today me and my mates went to the movies and watched Insidous: Chapter 2, as it's just a couple of days ago since it came out. Just about half a year ago most of us watched the first one, and we were certain that we wanted to see the 2nd one as soon as it came out! And that's what we did!

If any of you guys play LoL on EU west, and would like to play with me make sure to add me! Skill levels doesn't matter - as long as we don't go ranked! My username is Navzatiny. I'd be more than happy to play games and 1v1's and whatever we can do with y'all :-D

Hoping to see the blog growing bigger soon - if you guys want anything specific on here, let me know and I'll take it into consideration!
Have a good one you guys!

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