mandag den 11. november 2013


Finally the bad part of the worst day of the week - Monday - is over! I've come home from school, finished all my homework, and in about half an hour I'll be off to basketball practice!

The start of our project week has been nice, we're going forward slow and steady, and so far we're doing fine in my opinion. We've had minor arguments, but they were all solvable with a little discussion, so it was all good. But we had a bunch of times during the day, where we had no idea what we had to do to get started, and we were a bit lost, but we got on track after a little while, and we went right back on the horse!

About halfway through the day, my teacher pulled out me and 2 other students, and said he wanted to have a little chat with us. We were all like: "Oh shit - but we didn't do nothing?!" Turned out he wanted to recommend us to sign up for a more advanced class for more intelligent children and such, which was pretty cool. So I made sure that it was the first thing that I wanted to have done when I came home, and now it's sent, in hopes of getting approved. Would help on keeping my grades high, as the teachers can see determination and similar things :-D

I'm hoping the start of the week hasn't been rough on y'all!
Have a great day guys!

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