tirsdag den 12. november 2013

Forward it is!

Hey guys - what's up?

Today at school me and my partner were all drained out of energy, so we didn't really do a bunch, so we're hoping well be good to do a bit extra over the next couple of days! But yeah, I actually woke up pretty fresh, but as I was heading out the door, my eyes felt like reaallyy heavy and I had a hard time keeping my eyelids open. No biggie tho, school project's gonna be fine if we work a bit harder the upcoming days

The girl I talked about in the other post - she texted me this morning. It pretty much made my whole day, even though I've been tired like hell. It was like a looooong text saying that she's sorry that we haven't talked much the past weeks and how she misses me and such, so that got me all hyped out, and very very very happy!

Earlier today, I just found out that my 2nd favorite teacher is retiring, which sucks hard! He's stopping after New Year after being working for the school for 39½ year - no wonder he's getting kinda tired of it though! The thing that sucks pretty hard for me, is that I have to go make myself a good impression on the new teacher coming, make him like me and such - I already had all that checked off on this guy, and he's just generally a great person overall even though he could be boring at times! He'll be missed for sure!

That's all I have for now guys!
Talk to you later!

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