onsdag den 17. juni 2015

Making easy money with paidverts

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances about how they can make money using the site, Paidverts.


I’ve personally been using this site for about 2 months now alongside one other PTC site, which monthly is generating me a nice sum of cash without much work at all – and the good part is, anyone can do it!

Paidverts is, however, a bit different than any regular PTC site, and the whole system may in the beginning be a bit confusing for beginners, which also makes it’s earning potential a lot higher than regular PTC sites – however fear not, I will cover everything you need to know in order to make the same profit as me!

To start off, you should create a user – you can do so by clicking the above banner or by clicking here
These will sign you as my referral instead of the default referrer, Jo, which will give me a little commission on each ad, you click – this commission will be taken from you no matter if you sign up using my link or not – however if you do choose to use my link, I will be able to help you with whatever issues or worries you may have down the road, and I will be more than happy to do so!

Once you have created a user, you will be able to click 16 ads, which will give you 25 BAP each, earning you a total of 800 BAP. These are also called activation ads, and clicking these each day is recommended to make sure you will receive your paid ads everyday. After a week, the amount will lower to 8 activation ads each day.

So what is BAP? BAP is a short for Bonus Ad Points, and these are worth $0.0005 each. So 25 BAP is worth $0.0005 x 25 = $0.0125 in paid ads. Everytime you receive a paid ad (which is an ad, that will pay you in real cash) the equivalent amount of BAP will be deducted from your account. Lets say you receive an paid ad worth $0.1, which you have 18 hours to click. That will deduct 200 BAP’s from your account.

Why do you need BAP? The more BAP you have, the higher will your daily earnings be. There are 15 different “BAP groups” and for each group you climb, your daily earnings will double. The BAP groups are as follows:

BAP Group 1 …….. 1600 to 12000
BAP Group 2 …….. 12000 to 24000
BAP Group 3 …….. 24k to 48k
BAP Group 4 …….. 48k to 96k
BAP Group 5 …….. 96k to 180k
BAP Group 6 …….. 180k to 360k
BAP Group 7 …….. 360k to 720k
BAP Group 8 …….. 720k to 1.5m
BAP Group 9 …….. 1.5m to 3m
BAP Group 10 ……. 3m to 6m
BAP Group 11 ……. 6m to 20m
BAP Group 12 ……. 20,000,000+
BAP Group 13 ……. 50,000,000+
BAP Group 14 ……. 100,000,000+
BAP Group 15 ……. 500,000,000+

If you want to, you can keep on clicking your daily activation ads to climb BAP groups – which is totally free. However, a small investment will help you get things started, and it will promptly make your earnings much higher. The more you invest, the faster will you reach higher earnings – but even small investments can get you far!

So how can investments here make you earn money? It’s very simple. You can buy ad packs from Paidverts, which cost $1.05 per pack. This will give you the following:
25x 728*90 banner impression100x 125*125 banner impression50x 5 second visit to your website
On top of that, you will also receive 3100 BAP – which is worth $1.55 in paid ads. So for each $1.05 you invest, you will get $1.55 – That’s approximately a 150% profit, and it’s a great way to get more traffic to your own website, get clicks on your affiliate link, or whatever you wish to promote – it’s all up to you!

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Everything needed to earn money on Paidverts. It’s not that difficult after all, right? So why not give it a shot? Investment isn’t needed either – it will only help you to get to higher earnings faster, but if you’re patient and dedicated, you can do it without investing.

Next up, I will explain to you about the different upgrades you can buy for your account.

The Ad filter is probably the upgrade I’m really happy, I bought. For a one-time fee of $10, you can decide what the lowest value ads, you want to receive, is. Lets say you don’t want to click ads worth less than $0.01, you can adjust your ad filter to $0.01 and all ads you receive, will be $0.01+. You can always adjust the filter free of charge. This prevents lower value ads to consume your BAP, which will leave more BAP for higher value ads, which is what will be your main profit.

Then we have the recycled ads upgrade. For a mere fee of $0.05 you will receive the ads, that other users dont manage to click in time. You’re guaranteed to receive at least $1 worth of ads, and most often, you will receive more. This is also for sure an upgrade worth considering!

Last but definitely not least, we have the super upgrades. There is a mega and a mini level – these cost respectively $19.99 and $2.99.Super Users gain priority receiving the 10 x 1% ads that are created, and otherwise issued at random, with each new ad campaign purchased. What that means, is that whenever someone buys an ad campaign – say for $100 – you have a chance to receive ads worth 1% of the campaign – which means an ad worth $1.
If you buy the mini upgrade, you will receive the 1% ads from ad campaign purchases of $1 to $49. The mega upgrade will give you the ads from the ad campaign purchases of $50 and above.
The upgrade will last at least 7 days, and during these 7 days you will receive at the very least ads worth the cost of the upgrade. If it does happen, that enough ad campaigns have not been bought to deliver $2.99 worth of ads for the mini upgrade and $19.99 for the mega upgrade, another 7 days will be added to your upgrade free of charge. I always buy these when I can, and I have been very happy with the profits so far!

That’s all about the upgrades. Now you’re set to go on your Paidverts adventure and earn nice amounts of money just like me and thousands of other users alongside a great community!
What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


I hope you enjoyed the guide – if you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or contact me on Skype: Swasmds.
Happy earnings to all of you!
If you would like me to cover a guide on any other subject, site, or whatever, feel free to contact me.
Have a great day!

torsdag den 14. november 2013

My guitar string broke..

Hey guys!

I was playing guitar earlier - it's getting pretty nice actually! I might post a video or something when it's all done! I never really thought I'd get this far with it, so it really feels amazing, and I enjoy it a lot!

But yeah, while I was playing, I think I slammed one of the strings too hard, and it broke.. So I went to the mall with a couple of my friends and looked for the strings. We went to 3 different stores where the first 2 had sold out.. I mean like, how many people are breaking their guitar strings this often?! It freaking annoyed me, but it was a pretty good trip, and we had a bunch of fun, so it was all good!

Now in about an hour I'll be off to an information meeting about an exchange trip where we'll be living at a stranger's family in Germany with the school. We're sending some information about ourselves, so the teachers from the 2 schools can match us up on behalf of our interests. I'm really excited about the trip, and I always just love getting to leave the house, so I really can't wait for it!

I'll get back to you guys after it's done!

onsdag den 13. november 2013

Good news!

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great day!

So yeah, I just came home from practice and the doctor's - with good news. My finger is slightly infracted spraint, but I'm still allowed to ball - so no worries there!
From December 27th through December 30th, I'll either be on vacation (25th-30th) or be participating in Denmark's biggest basketball cup - so I can't really avoid doing something, that I find hella fun! Gonna be a great vacation!

Anyway, tomorrow's not gonna be much of an interesting day - just more schoolwork, and starting to finish up the project so we can be ready to present it on Monday!

Sorry that I didn't have a whole bunch for you guys right now! I'll be back with more tomorrow!

Halfway through the week!

So time's going, and my thoughts are still on school and guitar!

I'm pretty much slowly starting to forget that girl, even though I kinda don't really want to. I miss her soooooo much, but we haven't talked for real in over 2 weeks - where as we normally spoke everyday. I just don't know anymore? Like, if she was getting annoyed or tired of me, then she would've just said that, I hope. But what annoys me is that she's posting pictures on facebook, instagram, etc. but doesn't use a minute to send me a text. I know I'm sounding really clingy and such, but it's just really killing me, knowing that I'm probably just a bit too much caught up with her - and a lot more than she is.. I really loved the friendship we had - I could talk to her about anything, anytime. I'd wake up 2-3 hours before school at 4 am just to text her. So did she the first couple of days, untill I told her not to, cause it was pretty hard for me to text her back in class, and I didn't wanna keep her up.. I just don't know how to feel about this. Don't know what to think. I'm lost....

Anyway, I'll be off to basketball practice now!
I'll write a bit more when I get back!
Have a great day!

tirsdag den 12. november 2013


So the end of the day is coming closer, and in just a few hours I'll be sleeping! I hope you guys have had a great day, and for those of you, whose day is starting - have a great day!

I'm still killing myself with my guitar trying to learn fireflies by Sungha Jung - but it's going a lot better, than it was two days ago, when I started - obviously. If not, I had been kinda sad.. But yeah, my fingers are pretty sore from all the playing, so it's going to be nice getting some sleep and resting out.

It's been pretty quiet in the house, no arguments or trouble or anything like that - things are turning a bit around! Still a bit early to say so, but it's definitely going the right way at the moment. I don't really spend much time with my parents, and when I do, it's mostly cause they either tell us to come watch a movie, have a snack or at dinner. I've got my friends on Skype, texting with them on all sorts of different softwares, so they're pretty much taking over everything, and I feel a lot better like this. My parents have been great parents overall, but everyone have their flaws. And yeah, I'm getting older, getting into poverty - I guess it's just a part of growing up. As much as they don't like me spending much time with them, it annoys me just as much when they try to force me to it. It's just something, that I guess many parents can't really tell, but would help them a lot. If they would give me a bit more freedom to let myself choose what I want to do, when I want to do it, it might turn into something they like more. But as it is now, I don't see that changing.

Goodnight y'all!

Forward it is!

Hey guys - what's up?

Today at school me and my partner were all drained out of energy, so we didn't really do a bunch, so we're hoping well be good to do a bit extra over the next couple of days! But yeah, I actually woke up pretty fresh, but as I was heading out the door, my eyes felt like reaallyy heavy and I had a hard time keeping my eyelids open. No biggie tho, school project's gonna be fine if we work a bit harder the upcoming days

The girl I talked about in the other post - she texted me this morning. It pretty much made my whole day, even though I've been tired like hell. It was like a looooong text saying that she's sorry that we haven't talked much the past weeks and how she misses me and such, so that got me all hyped out, and very very very happy!

Earlier today, I just found out that my 2nd favorite teacher is retiring, which sucks hard! He's stopping after New Year after being working for the school for 39½ year - no wonder he's getting kinda tired of it though! The thing that sucks pretty hard for me, is that I have to go make myself a good impression on the new teacher coming, make him like me and such - I already had all that checked off on this guy, and he's just generally a great person overall even though he could be boring at times! He'll be missed for sure!

That's all I have for now guys!
Talk to you later!

mandag den 11. november 2013

I'm ruined

So I just came home from practice and my finger hurts like hell.. My dad - who's a doctor - has after some examination said that it is probably broken, but to be sure we're going to the doctor's sometime tomorrow..

Not really the practice I was hoping for, but yeah, shit happens and we can't do anything about it.

The day's been pretty annoying actually. Arguing with my parents most of the day when I was home, they're getting mad over the ridiculous things, like forgetting to throw out a piece of chocolate paper and leaving it on the table instead.. Sometimes they can just be too much, and when they get into that mood, I just get even more annoyed and start to forget more things and they get even more angry. And then hell breaks loose when it goes all wrong and they start yelling and such.. It really gets me devastated.

Enough of my problems for now! Time for dinner!
I'll get back to y'all later tonight!