onsdag den 13. november 2013

Halfway through the week!

So time's going, and my thoughts are still on school and guitar!

I'm pretty much slowly starting to forget that girl, even though I kinda don't really want to. I miss her soooooo much, but we haven't talked for real in over 2 weeks - where as we normally spoke everyday. I just don't know anymore? Like, if she was getting annoyed or tired of me, then she would've just said that, I hope. But what annoys me is that she's posting pictures on facebook, instagram, etc. but doesn't use a minute to send me a text. I know I'm sounding really clingy and such, but it's just really killing me, knowing that I'm probably just a bit too much caught up with her - and a lot more than she is.. I really loved the friendship we had - I could talk to her about anything, anytime. I'd wake up 2-3 hours before school at 4 am just to text her. So did she the first couple of days, untill I told her not to, cause it was pretty hard for me to text her back in class, and I didn't wanna keep her up.. I just don't know how to feel about this. Don't know what to think. I'm lost....

Anyway, I'll be off to basketball practice now!
I'll write a bit more when I get back!
Have a great day!

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