onsdag den 6. november 2013

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Hey guys, how are y'all?

So just came home from school a couple of hours ago, went to practice and got home now, and will be off to bed soon.
Today we got like 3 tests back, and I got A's in them all, so it's been a pretty nice day actually. Been stressed up about this weekend, as I've got a really important game coming up, and next week they've devoted the whole week for us to make a project, which'll count almost half of our final grade, so everything's just messed up at the moment.
But nevertheless, it just has to be done, and I'm hoping for the best. Playing guitar and just hanging out with friends has been amazing and has helped me a whole lot. My parents don't really understand me, and they just don't seem to care much about it - but don't get me wrong, they're amazing parents. They've supported me my whole life, but they're just starting to annoy me a whole lot. I guess that's just a part of getting older.

Hoping to see this blog grow a lot bigger over a long time, and happy that I took the step and started today!
Peace out.

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