lørdag den 9. november 2013

End of the day

Another day is soon to be over, and I'll soon be off to bed.

I've been talking to this girl who lives in the US for about 2 months now. I met her when I was on a summer holiday visiting my mom's family in Iran, and she's been pretty much the only thing I could think about. We were texting and skyping everyday for several hours even though we have a 7 hour time differencial. She means the world to me, but recently for the past 2 weeks we haven't been texting at all cause she's been busy with school stuff and such, and it's just killing me. I miss her hella much. Everyday I wake up the first thing I do is check my phone in hopes of a text from her. Rarely any luck though. She's been saying that it's gonna be good soon, and that's the only thing that's keeping me thriving. It's about the only thing I can think of no matter what I'm doing.

I'm really hoping for that to change soon, but I need to do something to get her off my mind at times. Been watching vines for like 2 hours today, went to the movies, talked to my friends and it's just generally been a good day. Haven't really had any arguments with my parents, and that's pretty unusual, so that's really amazing for me! I'm just praying for more days like these but I just need to have the girl added into the day. That'd make it perfect!

Goodnight guys.

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