mandag den 11. november 2013

I'm ruined

So I just came home from practice and my finger hurts like hell.. My dad - who's a doctor - has after some examination said that it is probably broken, but to be sure we're going to the doctor's sometime tomorrow..

Not really the practice I was hoping for, but yeah, shit happens and we can't do anything about it.

The day's been pretty annoying actually. Arguing with my parents most of the day when I was home, they're getting mad over the ridiculous things, like forgetting to throw out a piece of chocolate paper and leaving it on the table instead.. Sometimes they can just be too much, and when they get into that mood, I just get even more annoyed and start to forget more things and they get even more angry. And then hell breaks loose when it goes all wrong and they start yelling and such.. It really gets me devastated.

Enough of my problems for now! Time for dinner!
I'll get back to y'all later tonight!

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