søndag den 10. november 2013


Hey guys!

Recently I've been trying to find ways to earn some easy money online -  not anything big. I stumbled across the site of Points2shop and used it for about a month, and I'm very happy about the way. Their offers can be limited at times for some countries, but for places like UK and the US it always has a bunch of offers.
It has a payout minimum of $1 if using paypal with a $0.1 fee. If you cashout over $10 there is no fee, and the money will be recieved shortly in just a couple of days.
I myself have cashed out over 3 times and have been paid fast and securely every single time!

It's definitely worth a try if you're looking for some easy cash!

If you wanna try it out, please click the banner below, as it will register you as my referral, which will give us both bonuses and make me very happy!

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